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Antex Pharma Pvt. Ltd. strongly believes in creating a value to our clients with the help of distribution and marketing of best quality of products.

Focused on

Antex Pharma Pvt. Ltd. has always believed in providing the services with excellence. The company has excellence in on its marketing research team and distribution network.


Antex Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. focus solely on people who are engaged in the complete process from the distribution of the products to the consumers.

Pioneering Performances

The Antex Pharmaceuticals has a tactics & expertise that helps to market various products based on new innovative ideas relevant to marketing strategies & expansion of distribution network.

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Antex Pharma Pvt. Ltd.

Antex Pharma is India’s leading pharmaceutical company which was established in the year 2007. Antex Pharma is ’s leading pharmaceutical company based at Delhi. Antex Pharma is one of the largest privately-held pharmaceutical company in marketing and distrubution of generic medicines. Antex Pharma has been a leading drug-innovating company that has succeeded in launching 1500+ finished products in the market with 500+ distribution networks. Antex Pharma has grown over the years with a team strength of 150+ employees. The company is well-known for the great effort and results which it has produced over the last few years, which believes not only on healthcare but the entire lifecare. The company has also received 10+ awards in the field of pharmaceuticals. The company visualizes itself to be india’s top pharmaceutical distribution & marketing of generic medicines.









Antex Pharma Pvt.Ltd. feels in a very strong sense of social responsibility inscribed in its’ values and its’ concern for the society beyond its’ business motives.

Antex Pharma Pvt.Ltd. have a rich heritage of pharmaceuticals experience & expertise. Antex Pharma Pvt.Ltd. is a company where individual brilliances.

To harness activities that develop new and improved products, services and business processes. It involves a creative approach to utilize & to bring a steady.

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